Research impact case studies

To create a world worth living in

CSU researchers are collaborating with businesses and the community to find new ways to create meaningful impact on local, national and global levels.

These case studies highlight the breadth of research at CSU, and our ability to bring together experts from a range of disciplines to explore real world problems. Our research generates insights to address issues of deep social significance, inform policy and decision making, and to support people and communities to flourish.

"When our brightest minds in research and business collaborate to create cutting-edge solutions and job-creating enterprises, these businesses are three times more likely to experience productivity growth."– National Innovation and Science Agenda Report

What is research impact?

Research impact is the demonstrable contribution that research makes to the economy, society, culture, national security, public policy or services, health, the environment, or quality of life, beyond contributions to academia.

group meeting including man pointing at a map
Community resilience

Emergency services, community service organisations and the community collaborate to build resilient communities.

teacher and young child high fiving with paint covered hands
Children's literacy through storytelling

Making learning to write a fun and positive experience for kids by linking drawing and storytelling.

group sitting on grass researching water
Water ecosystem health

Working with water management organisations and communities, and contributing to planning and decision-making for this valuable resource.

man on a tractor

Planting perennials to individualise farming systems; increasing profits and reducing environmental impact.

outside shot of the outside of  Court building, prominently featuring a Victorian era street lamp
Jury reasoning

Informing how child abuse cases with multiple accusations against a single person are dealt with.

flock of sheep
Sustainable livestock grazing

Supporting the Chinese government to restore nearly degraded grasslands, improving the livelihoods of impoverished herders.