Innovation requires courageous minds to work together to solve real-world problems.

The passionate people behind these initiatives are advancing economic and social wellbeing, developing sustainable environments, and creating a better future for all.

Through innovation, we’re inspired to not only see the future in new ways, but to live it.

"Innovative businesses are 60% more likely to increase their profits and twice as likely to increase their productivity and employment."– National Innovation and Science Agenda

Boosting Business Innovation Program

We’re supporting the development of regional entrepreneurship, small- to medium-sized enterprises and a networked innovation ecosystem in the Central West and southern regions of NSW.

Under this Program, the University is establishing work spaces to promote innovation, including startup hubs, incubators and accelerators.

Walan Mayinygu

The Walan Mayinygu Indigenous Entrepreneurship Pop Up Hub Program is bringing business masterclasses, practical workshops and networking to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and businesses across New South Wales in 2017/18.

CenWest Innovate

CenWest Innovate aims to support the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central West NSW, to encourage interaction between SMEs and the University, to support business innovation, and to encourage jobs growth in the region.

AgriTech Incubator

The AgriTech Incubator Hub aims to spark innovation and economic development in the Riverina by offering incubator programs, providing co-working spaces, fostering greater participation of women in entrepreneurial activities, and supporting SMEs to overcome R&D challenges through access to University facilities and expertise.

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Research Narrative

Through research and innovation, CSU aims to generate meaningful outcomes for industry, government, businesses and communities. We’re making an impact regionally, nationally and internationally by contributing to the economy, to individual and societal wellbeing and to social and environmental sustainability.

Our three interdisciplinary research spheres encapsulate our research activity.

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